Kepstrum is the inventor of Intelligent Reliability, a patented, stress-focused, risk control methodology, comprising multiple stages of analysis and testing, allowing you to predict component life models by Mapping the Product DNA (Design Limit, Nature of Failure, Actual Life).

Intelligent Reliability reveals product weaknesses and generates design solutions in the early stages of development and prototyping, in a fraction of the time and cost used with conventional methods. It replaces meaningless test-to-pass with meaningful test-to-map, preventing costly recalls.

Kepstrum leads the field in controlling risk of new developments without historical information, proven over a decade with success from reputable adopters in North America and Europe.

The method is supported by our multi-user software DSP (DNA Structured Platform), enabling engineers to manage multiple new product developments simultaneously, generating speed and knowledge depth. In a short meeting.

Intelligent Reliability Methodology (IRM) underlying series of steps is to facilitate prediction, verification, and validation, under one universal platform to combine reliability and engineering solutions, reducing cost and time to market.

IRM has been implemented by OEMs and Tier suppliers on Mechatronics, Electronics, Hydrotronics systems, subsystems, components, and mechanisms. IRM’s technical value rises with complex integrations without historical information. We can demonstrate the power of Intelligent Reliability Methodology (IRM), using your sample component in a face-to-face discussion
For further in-depth information please contact us in Austria or directly the inventor in Canada