With KSM SOLUTIONS, the further development of a successful concept created more than 25 years ago was redefined, in the form of a limited liability company.

After completing his studies at Vienna Technical University, Mr. Kreger established his first company with the aim of getting the future business activities off the ground – and off to a flying start.

1987 saw the first subsidiary established, in Serbia. The integration of a strategic partner ensured the rapid further development of the company, up to the point at which shares could be offered for sale.

The concept of gathering different ideas, working out proposals for solutions, finding potential investors, founding a company, and selling shareholdings once success had been achieved, has now been actively integrated into a concept, in the form of KSM as a company.

Following the sale of the shares, KSM SOLUTIONS continues to assist and advise the partner. The products are adopted into the “Commodity Trading” programme.

Bring us your ideas, and we’ll find the solution ...

It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious. (Murphy ...)

Michael Kreger